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Sewing Centre for CrashBang Labs

24 Dec 2016 3:57 PM | Kevin Smith (Administrator)

In laying out the various spaces in the lab we have come across a couple of minor problems.  The upper floor is just too lightly constructed to have 20 people up there. This means that we cannot use it for a presentation area and classroom as planned.  In addition I have been trying to find room to bring the sewing machines back and set up a proper sewing area. The perfect solution is to use the upper floor as our sewing lab as well as an office and library. 

To get things off the ground we will be cleaning and re-organizing the upper floor early in the new year.  The sewing machines can then be brought back from storage. we will stock up on all the additional gear we need such as needles, thread, cutting mats, scissors, etc. and should be ready for some introductory sewing classes by February.

We will also continue to search for an industrial sewing machine to fill out our complement of machines so that we can sew leather and other heavy fabrics. If anyone knows of one at a bargain price please let one of the board members know.

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