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A Quick Christmas Update

16 Dec 2016 4:33 PM | Kevin Smith (Administrator)

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you have a happy new year to go along with it.

CrashBang Labs has undergone some changes over the last few months and will be a few more as we move into the new year.  I would like to update everyone on where we are and where we hope to go next year.

  • First of all we have this new website. It is not perfect but it is working and allows us to track our membership and accept Paypal payments for renewals. It will also allow us to produce newsletters, do group mail-outs to members, and keep information on potential sponsors. There are a bunch of other capabilities that will help with our communications and organization.
  • We also have a working store.  Not much in it right now but we hope to produce some merchandise using the equipment in the lab such as the laser cutter, CNC router and 3D printer. If we can come up with a couple of items with sales potential it will bring some much needed dollars into the lab. the software that supports the store is currently free and will stay free as long as we keep the number of individual items below 10.
  • A new floor layout for workbenches and equipment is being implemented at the lab.  This should provide enough workbenches for a number of members to work on their projects independently and still allow room for socializing and presentations.

Coming up in the new year we will be tackling a couple of major initiatives:

  • First of all we will be pursuing some sponsorship to help cover our ongoing operational expenses.  Membership has been slowly creeping up and that also helps with our expenses.
  • A series of presentations and educational seminars is planned for 2017, both for members and for the general public. We already have a long list of topics and there should be something to interest just about everyone.
  • We finally have a proper set of financial records so we will be able to track our revenue and expenses and plan for the future.
  • Pegboards will be installed to organize our tools and an inventory of all the available tools in the space will be undertaken. We will be seeking donations in order to fill out any gaps in our equipment list.
  • A major cleanup and re-organization of the downstairs area will be undertaken in order to separate the useful bits from actual junk.
  • We will be re-organizing the office to get our files in order and create some processes and procedures for operating the space that will allow everyone to get the greatest enjoyment out of working at the lab

That's about it for now. We have made some significant progress in 2016 and I am really looking forward to 2017.

Again, Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

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