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What is a makerspace?

  1. A physical location with tools, equipment, and supplies for taking things apart and putting things together.
  2. A network of people who are curious about the way things work and want to be able to build, fix, and customize the things that they own.
  3. A place where the answer to “does anyone know how to do ___” is probably yes, and people are excited to share their knowledge and skills.

Click here to view some photos of the lab and the equipment available to our members.

What’s the point?
To provide a community for sharing knowledge and experience; to break, make, and
learn; to share techniques, tools and toys; and to dream, design, and build toward a
re-imagining of manufacturing, industry and consumerism.

CrashBang Labs is a member-supported community of makers, with members gaining
access to the tools and community in the makerspace, as well as monthly events like
pumpkin hacking for halloween, 3d-printing and lasercutting workshops, and project
demo days.

CrashBang Labs is a not-for-profit organization. 2532 11th Ave., Regina, SK

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